2nd Annual Kids Day

May 22, 2010 Kids Day

Calhoun County Airport hosted its second Annual Kid’s Day on Friday May 21st.

About 400 children from Travis Middle School, Seadrift Schools and Port O’Connor Elementary School learned about design, development, operation, and use of various aircraft

“It was a great opportunity for us to shape the minds of Calhoun County students toward aviation. If we get just one of those students involved in this industry then we have done our job.” expressed Dianna Stanger, airport manager.

In attendance were the National Weather Service, Civil Air Patrol, Six Mile Fire Department, two Cessna 172 SP Skyhawks, EuroCopter, Piper PA18A, 185 Skywagon Amphibian Plane, and a KitFox Plane.

The children were separated into groups, rotating around eight stations. Students sat in the aircraft, asked questions and learned about aviation.

“We have a strong bond with pilots in the area, many of them flew in from nearby towns to help educate the children in our county,” Ann Brinkman, FBO manager said.

The Commemorative Air Force performed a fly-over in arrowhead formation with smoke trails during the last session.

“We appreciate Calhoun Air Center orienting our students to the possibilities in aeronautics and what is available locally,” Calhoun school district Superintendent, Larry Nichols said.