Students art soaring to new heights

February 12, 2015 Aviation Art

Calhoun County Airport (KPKV) is pleased to announce the 6th Annual Calhoun Air Center Art Contest winners. The winners were selected from participating schools in Calhoun County and Palacios, TX and separated by age into three categories. First, second, third place and honorable mention were chosen in each. The 2015 theme was, “World Air Games.”

“This year’s art contest theme focused on a specific event, the 2015 FAI World Air Games hosted in Dubai.” said FBO manager, Steve Plunkett. “The Games showcase everything aviation has to offer and participants compete in categories ranging from aerobatics to navigation with planes, balloons, and gliders all taking part. The artwork the students have submitted with this theme in mind is quite exciting, befitting the event itself.”

Category I (Ages 6-9)

1st – Phoenix Aplin – HJM Elementary
2nd – Ryan Valenzuela – HJM Elementary
3rd – Alexis Odefey – HJM Elementary
Honorable Mention – Allison Fowler – JR Elementary

Category II (Ages 10-13)

1st – Nick Nguyen – Palacios Jr. High
2nd – David Cruz – Palacios Jr. High
3rd – Kimberly Phan – Palacios Jr. High
Honorable Mention – Ireland Williams-Gray – Seadrift School

Category III (Ages 14-17)

1st – Mauricio Gonzalez – Calhoun High School
2nd – Danny Rodriguez – Calhoun High School
3rd – Tristen Sanders – Calhoun High School
Honorable Mention – Jose Ruiz Calhoun High School

The twelve winners were awarded a prize package which included art supplies and aviation related items. The airport’s local art contest is structured around The Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) International Aviation Art Contest.

All of the entries will be submitted to the 2015 Texas Kid’s Aviation Art Calendar Contest which is designed to motivate and encourage children to study aeronautics, engineering and science. Each child will receive a participation certificate from TxDOT Aviation Division this spring. Winners compete at a state, national and international level. Calhoun Air Center has submitted over 1000 entries in the past five years from Calhoun County students.

The winners of the TxDOT International Aviation Art Contest will be announced by March 2015; winning contestants along with their family and teacher are invited to TxDOT’s Texas Aviation banquet which will be held on April, 16 2015 @ 6:30 pm at the Embassy Suites Hotel in San Marcos, TX. Following the state-level contest, winners will have their entries sent to be judged nationally.